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To succeed in the Patent Agent Exam, you need to work like a scientist and think like a lawyer.

To file and prosecute a patent application professionally in India, one has to find a Registered Patent Agent. To become a Patent Agent, one has to qualify the exam conducted by the Controller General of Patents.

The two part written examination is essentially an examination which tests the legal knowledge of an engineer or a science graduate. The syllabus for the first part comprises of Patent Act, 1970 and the Patent Rules, 2003 and the second part tests the ability to draft and interpret patent specifications, which are techno-legal documents.

So, how does an engineer or a science graduate who is not professionally trained in the law clear this examination? Simple. Take our courses.

Everything’s covered. Time not included.

The LexCampus courses for the Patent Agent Examination covers everything you will need to succeed. Our self-paced, online courses allow you to watch the lessons any number of times till you understand them. We have forums to interact with fellow students and graded Multiple Choice Questions at the end of every lesson. 

LexCampus also offers separate courses with Mock Exams, Doubt-Clearing Sessions and Memorisation Tools. Our webinars with live Q&A sessions will help you to clear your doubts and to learn from others. The only thing you will need is time.

Still not sure? Register for free and take our open course on Introduction to Patent Law now!

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