The Bare Act Reinvented

Is there anything that one can do to make the bare acts – the black letter law written and published for ages in boring black-and-white prints – more interesting? Turns out, there are many ways you can improve this age-old product that has not seen much innovation since its launch.

LexCampus presents your the bare minimum maximum! A bare act like no other. And our first offering on Patent Law is out. Here’s what you will not find in an ordinary bare act:

  • Cross References: Acts and the corresponding rules are cross-referenced
  • Colour-coded: Bi-coloured print for easy identification
  • Wider Margin: For capturing notes
  • Case laws: All cases are freely accessible at


And watch an user video on the new book:

You can buy it on Amazon (and read the reviews) or on our website (for a bigger discount).