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LexCampus is an educational technology platform that brings passionate teachers and aspiring professionals together with the focus on learning intellectual property. LexCampus offers the most-comprehensive training programme for clearing the Patent Agent Exam.

LexCampus was born out of the fusion of a job, a technology platform and a national vision.

Dr. Feroz Ali took charge as the first Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Chair Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) and was entrusted with the job of teaching IPR to engineers and scientists. IPR is a legal subject that is traditionally taught in law schools. Teaching law to non-lawyers came with its own set of challenges. As the IPR Chair Professor, he offered IPR courses within and beyond the institute.

He offered two IPR courses, Patent Law for Engineers and Scientists and Patent Drafting for Beginners on the NPTEL, a technology platform supported by Google, and found that there were thousands who registered for the courses. The conventional understanding of classroom-size, student-teacher ratio, group-discussion took new meanings with rapid strides made by technology to bring people together in meaningful ways. When India’s first National IPR Policy spelled out the vision of an India where creativity and innovation are stimulated by Intellectual Property for the benefit of all, the idea of taking IPR to the masses through a technology enhanced platform was realised with LexCampus. In 2016, LexCampus successfully trained a small group of aspirants to clear the Patent Agent Exam. Since then, LexCampus became Your IP Coach.