Patent Agent Examination Training – Paper 2 – Patent Drafting

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Last year I have cleared the exam. Thanks to LexCampus. I started understanding the sections and rules with the help of Sir’s classes. Then drafting classes by sir are too good without drafting classes I would have never cleared the exam.

– Ramya Jakka


This course is structured keeping in mind the Paper-II of the Patent Agent Examination conducted by the Intellectual Property Office, Government of India. Like a good craftsman who understands his tool better, learn the nuances of drafting with simple norms and rules to keep in mind while drafting a patent.

Regardless of your skill and command in your domain, drafting a patent needs special attention as patents are instruments created at the interface of technology and law. It involves legal principles. That makes patent drafting much different from technical writing. But like any skill, patent drafting can be acquired with hard work and perfected with practice.

We have designed this course on the fundamental premise that if law allows anyone to invent and to file a patent on their own, it should also follow that the person who invents and files the patent can also draft the patent. Historically, patent drafting was done by the inventors till patent agents appeared on the scene to assist the inventors.

So, in short, if you can come up with your own invention, you can draft and file it as well. Of course, completing this course will not make you an expert in patent drafting. This course will introduce the important principles in patent drafting. More importantly, it will explain the fundamental concepts in patent law in the context of patent drafting.

This course contains drafting exercises. The Patent Drafting Workbook can be downloaded once you enroll for the course. You will find workbook under Lesson 1. You are expected to do complete the exercises as the course progresses. On competition of the course the answer key will be shared.

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