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      Dear Sir,

      I went through the sample answers and compared it with mine ,giving an e.g from that

      Question no 7-

      My title -Electronically controlled fuel shut off system to preventing improper use of a car

      The Title of the invention -Car Theft And High Speed Chase Prevention Device

      I would like to know as per the requirements of a title under Rule 13 and,based  the explanation given in our study material ,it should disclose the specific features , free from fancy expressions.

      I could not observe this in the above e.g .Is it that such a title is given, to prevent anyone from searching this patent during their due diligence ???Should that be a strategy??

      Thank you

      S. Smrithi.

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      It is hard to judge right or wrong here, if you had followed Rule 13 with title disclosing specific features of the invention and not more than 15 words, you have done the basics right. The key feature is remotely accessing the vehicle and I would somehow insert these words in the title. Your title is fine too.


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      Dear Venkat,

      Thank You for the clarification !!



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