Section 65 – revocation

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      Rohit Singh

      Which of the following options are correct?
      Statement 1: In reference to section 65, the controller upon notification from the central government may directly revoke a patent

      I would like to know why this statement is not correct


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      According to S.65, the Controller is supposed to give notice to the patentee and after giving them opportunity of being heard, may revoke the patent, meaning the Controller cannot directly revoke the patent upon notification from the Central Govt.


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        Rohit Singh

        Thanks, so the word “directly” made the difference.

        Thanks for your explanation.


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        Yes, you are right. The word “direct” is the key.

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      Balu Falke

      Interesting question and answer. Gave the different angle to think about such tricky questions

      Thank you, both

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