Registrations are open. Here’s the Study Plan.


From today, you can register for the Patent Agent Examination.

If we go by past practices, you will have exactly 2 months from today to prepare for the exam. 16th September 2018, which is a Sunday, could be the day.

So, how are you going to pace yourself for the exam? Not having a study plan, especially if you are preparing on your own, can be disastrous.

LexCampus has prepared its courses with a study plan. For Paper 1, we have the Patent Agent Examination Paper 1 – Patents Act and Rules with 13 lessons, 129  lesson topics and over 300 MCQs. Go to the course link and click on “expand all” to see the details of the study plan.

Similarly, for Paper 2, we have the Patent Agent Examination Paper 2 – Patent Drafting with 7 lessons, 50 lesson topics, MCQs and a Patent Drafting workbook full of exercises.

We have not only broken down the entire syllabus into manageable parts but also scheduled webinars (live-sessions) each week corresponding to the topics covered for clearing doubts.

The webinars are optional and requires separate registration. And we answer the questions raised on our Forums. Together with our courses and the scheduled webinars you have a great opportunity to succeed in the Patent Agent Examination, which, let’s remind you again, is around the corner.

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