What Our Students Have to Say

Guidance provided there is of very high quality and it helped me a lot to clear my concepts about patent act
Pranav Gangwar
Cadillac Healthcare Ltd
Good set of questions I found in test series
Pranav Prabhakar
It helped me learn everything in-depth and exam course and webinars were very helpful
R. Padmavati, Dolcera
It really helped a lot Indian Patent Act. Before enrolling to the class I thought that it is tough to understand but now I am pretty much confident. I hope I can access to those videos at any point of time as when I get any concerns, I can listen to those videos
It helped me to interpret the act properly
MG law college
I got to know about important things I should focus on while studying when not much time was left with me and all the webinars were helpful. specifically those based on situation based questions and drafting tips and tricks
Dr. Feroz sir lectures and mock tests were really helpful
I had just no clue of how to prepare and was helpless. I had given up and was planning to just give an attempt for the sake of it. The moment I came across LexCampus after so many days and Google search (from inside a NPTEL lecture), I learnt that there exists a robust online guidance for this exam and that's how I packed up my preparation with LexCampus
Siddi Jai Prakash
Satya and Associates
Audio and video helped a lot while travelling
Sai Ratna
Innoworks Technology Pvt Ltd
Previously, training centres will supply print materials with no interactions. The webinar / live interaction / offline video based materials were very helpful with reinvented Patent Act Book from LexCampus
Imdad, Ford
Interactive webinars and forums were very helpful
Prabhakar Sharma
I listened to webinars and mine lots of concepts were cleared. Many points discussed by Dr. Feroz flashed in my mind in the examination hall also
Shweta sen
Corporate consultants
Webinar and exam course were very helpful and Practice questions helped to get feedback of understanding
It was very helpful. I saw all the video, and it is very easy to understand
Vyas Dipali
Tele Switchgears.
Time driven study guidance and practice exams were most useful for me to revise the modules repeatedly
Sutanu Guchhait
Cognizant Technology Solutions.
Detailed explanation by Prof, Feroz, model question paper and availability of videos
Rohit singh
The lectures, podcasts and webinars were very useful in understanding
Shailja Chandrakant Patil
A lot. Though I started the preparation just 15 days before and not able to organize the contented to be studied, in the proper manner. LexCampus videos gives a the right direction, in the simple language, not only to prepare for the exam, but to understand the section, rule, form. Simplifies the complicated legal language without sacrificing the knowledge within it
I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt gratitude. My preparation time at LexCampus is the most valuable experience
Naga Rajesh
Extra clarity, acted as interface to the real world of Patent Agent Exam
It enables me to understand Act & Rule much familiar. Detailed presentation by Sir on each & every topics along with cross references of Rule, Form & Podcast audio sessions
Shalini Sahu
More self-quizzing as a part for self-evaluation and Forum discussion were really helpful
Vijeta Sharma
Each section explained well, mock tests were really helpful
TIFAC New Delhi.
Excellent work done by all the officials. Keep it up. Good for offsite learning mode, which is the best feature that I foun
Venugopal Chandika
Scitech Patent Art Services Pvt Ltd.
Making the content easy for those who are not from law background
NIPER Ahmedabad.
Webinar was so perfect to prepare for exam
Aniket Shahare
Industrial Training Institute, Bhandara, Nagpur.
All (I mean each & every) videos by Prof. Feroz Ali Sir, all Webinars quick overlook on all Sections by Feroz Sir gave me confidence of revising the whole book in a glance, time management for P-II, "Patent Drafting hacks" video provided tips on tedious task of drafting. 1) Patent Law Handbook is handy with fresh look. 2) It saved my time & made my studies easier for cross-referencing of Section with Rule & Form No. 3) Case laws helped me to have a quick look for clear understanding of dispute with decision over a pile of huge info on internet. 4) Webinars boosted my moral all the time & provided number of tips on time management, improving legal writing skills and the most important is kept me calm during PAE preparation (since I had a fear that I'm studying alone in UK & unable to discuss with fellow Indian friends due to time gap. I stopped [rather ignored] to read WhatsApp messages from other PAE groups)
Pallavi Rahul Kadam
Greatly. I got all 50 questions right in paper-1. I.e. Full 100 marks. But I erred in OMR marking in two answers. Hence I might get 96 marks in Paper-1. But Paper-2 was, as usual, nasty. I might slip below 50. Keeping my fingers crossed
Anil Saraogi
Saraogi IPR
Webinar was so perfect to prepare for exam
Aniket Shahare
Industrial Training Institute, Bhandara, Nagpur
Making the content easy for those who are not from law background
NIPER Ahmedabad.
Feroz ali sir's webinar videos was found very useful. It aided me better to prepare for exam in a short span of time
Padminia Anbalagan
It really helped to clear paper 1 and paper 2
Manohar Binny.V
It trained me on right direction -
Molecular connections
I listened to the entire lecture series on YouTube presented by Prof. Feroz Ali under the channel NPTEL. It helped me understand the sections in depth. The videos on LexCampus channels also helped a lot. For example, the video on 3rd section ran through my mind when I was attempting question 1of paper 2
Rahul Chaudhary and partners
It helped me understand the concepts in depth so that I felt very confident while writing the exam
Padmavati R
Dolcera ITES
Podcasts were very efficient to reiterate the energy when we lost esteem in some times
It helped me clear my concepts and great guidance write to paper 2
Pranav Gangwar
Zydus Cadila
Showed me a clear path of study and practical insights of syllabus
Really helpful and provide and excellent guidance to qualify the examination. superb fantastic thanks to team lexcampus
Dr. Feroz Ali's explanation of the Patent Law with Sections and relevant rules made me to grasp the law thoroughly
M Balasubramaniam
Mangalam Associates
A lot of Thanks to LexCampus.. the videos help me a lot to understand the concept. Thank you Feroz Sir and the whole Team of LexCampus
Test series was to the point and covered complete understanding of sections and rules. Web series were timely conducted
Shiv Shankar Upadhyay
EigerTech Knowledge Solution
LEXCAMPUS study materials, Webinar’s, mock test, and also videos on different topic's was very helpful for PAE preparation
It was of great help. The contents of the course was very good. Every topic was dealt with so much detail
TNB Law College Bihar
Firstly it changed the approach of looking at the subject. At the first instance bare act seemed dry. The lecture series actually explained 'why' of the topic and statutes. Which helped in understanding the way the things are
Nachiket Galgali
• Prof Feroz Ali's Sir Explanation of the Patent Act on Video was very helpful. I could listen to it whenever and wherever on Repeat mode. Thanks very much sir
Saighiridhar V V
Sr Director at startup.