20 Tips to Clear the Patent Agent Examination

Mistakes happen. To make sure you have a good chance of clearing the patent agent exam, here’s our list of 20 things, or tips, to remember when you take the Patent Agent Examination.

1. Cite the Law – Ignorance of law is not an excuse. The same is true for omitting the law. Legal Provisions need to be mentioned. Citing the correct section, rule, form and fees can make an average answer into a great one.

2. Keep track of the money – Knowing the amount of fees is important for the various things you can do. We have a formula for memorising the fees.


3. Forms and Formations – There’s a Form for everything, well almost. Forms are linked to transactions that happen before the Patent Office. Know the correct form for each occasion and the one for every occasion not covered by specific forms. We have a video on how you can group the forms together in a way to easily recollect them. Watch Webinar No. 5 from 38:00 – 59:00 mins to understand how to group the forms:


4. Link the Provisions – Don’t just cite the sections, quote the relevant rule as well. Sections are connected to rules and rules are connected for Forms and forms are connected to fees. Know your connections well.

5. Practice your hand-writing weeks ahead – Silly thing to remind you. Do keep your writing muscles toned before taking Paper 2 which is a 3-hour written exam.

6. Read lots of patent specifications – Don’t shun away from reading patent specifications. Here’s a video on how the understand a patent specification:

7. Pace your preparation – Don’t keep things for the last minute (or is it too late to make that statement?). The details in the Patents Act and Rules deserve deep attention to understand.

8. Revise what you learn – Let not the Patent Agent exam be the first test you take. Do revisions in great number. Our Exam Practice Course with 25 Revisions Tests and 5 Mock Exams should help you to get there.

9. Clear the Concepts – Keep yourself clear from dubious understanding of the fundamental concepts. Patent law is a concept ridden subject. Concepts like novelty, obviousness, utility, priority, fair basis, anticipation etc needs to be understood well.

10. Discuss with your peers – Don’t be a lone-wolf in your preparation. Get the benefit of others who are preparing for the exam with you. The LexCampus Forum has more than 500 posts on more than 100 topics raised and answered by peers.

11. Clarify your Doubts – Clear of your doubts. Every LexCampus webinar has a doubt-clearing session. Looks into our Webinar page to watch recordings of old webinars and to register for the new ones.

12. Patent Drafting has its principles — You will not find the principles of patent drafting in the Act and the Rules. These were developed by convention. The Patent Manual is a good place to start. To know more, look into our course on Patent Drafting.

13. Exam first, viva later — Don’t focus on the viva-voce before the exam. Viva-voce is an important part of the Patent Agent Exam which you will face only after you clear Paper 1 and 2. Think about it after your results. Listen to this podcast for some tips on how to clear the viva-voce.

14. Befriend the Bare Act – Don’t hunt for study material everywhere. The bare act is the most important piece of material you will need. Get India’s first bi-coloured, cross-referenced bare act at a heavily discount price.

15. Look for success stories – Don’t shy away from asking those who have cleared the exam. Benefit from those who have cleared the exam before. Listen to our success stories series of podcasts to know more.

16. Solved papers will not do — Don’t rely too much on past question papers. Too much reliance on solved papers may not be a good thing. Since 2013, there have been four amendments to the Rules. Solved papers may not be of much help in Paper 2 which comprises of situation based questions and drafting problems. Just in case you need to know how a solved paper benefits, see our 2016 paper and its answers.

17. Watch till you learn — Don’t be in a hurry to learn. It takes time to comprehend concepts in patent law. Contact classes may be of limited benefit when it comes to learning patent law. Video lectures provide the comfort of watching the lecture till you grasp the knowledge. We now have micro-courses at an affordable price to facilitate your learning.

18. This may be your time — Don’t wait for another chance to clear the exam. The exam is conducted after a gap of 2 years. The Patent Office has increased its staff substantially during these years. Now is the time to increase the professionals who can practice before it.

19. Focus on simple inventions – Don’t let the complexity of technology keep you away from learning patent drafting. Almost every drafting question will give you a choice of a simple mechanical invention which you can understand. Learn the fundamentals through them, even if you are a specialist in particular domain.

20. Manage you time well – Don’t be oblivious to managing your time while answering the descriptive questions. Many fail to manage their time in answering Paper 2. Apportion time based on the marks allocated for each section.

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Firstly it changed the approach of looking at the subject. At the first instance bare act seemed dry. The lecture series actually explained 'why' of the topic and statutes. Which helped in understanding the way the things are .

Nachiket Galgali

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