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The training is very much useful for Paper -I and Paper-II of patent agent exam. Your videos, Q&A session and Mock Test discussion are amazing.

– Sivaraman (Professor – BIT)


A patent is a form of Intellectual Property Right granted and protected by the law, which grants exclusive rights over an invention. This course introduces the basic concepts of patent law. The topics covered give a brief introduction on Indian Patent Law and explain the need to protect inventions, patentable inventions, and other fundamentals of patent law. The topics include —

  1. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Patent Prosecution
  3. Why Protect IP?
  4. Fundamentals of Patents
  5. Patent Law in India
  6. What can be patented?
  7. Patentability
  8. Patent Timeline
  9. Statutory Amendments
  10. Structure of Patents Act and Rules
  11. Patent Manual
  12. Life of a Patent

Study Material (PDF): A Primer on Patent Law